Tuesday, May 18, 2010

VCM_Premium (Works or US and UK accounts)

Does every thing Vonage Call Me does plus.

1. Lets you pick the Vonage phone number you want to use if you have more than one phone on your account.
2. Option to maintain existing Forwarding/Simulring settings from Vonage Account.
3. Call history introduced. Can call from/Delete from history.
4. Customize wait time after forwarding. Increasing wait time helps if sometimes the call does not forward.
5. Somewhat easier on the eyes.

6. Works for UK vonage world accounts from cell phones in UK. 
7. Home phone does not ring once before forwarding. Configurable.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Vonage Call Me ( for US only )

New premium version released : search for VCM Premium in market. Premium version works for UK and US

What this app does :

This app lets you use your home Vonage World account from your cell phone in US. You can call international numbers directly from your cell phone without having to be near the Vonage device. Please refer to Vonage for list of countries you can call for free.

Usage :

username : Enter username to your Vonage Web Account
(phone number will not work , you can find username from vonage website)

password : Enter password to your Vonage Web Account

number to call : Can be typed in or picked up from Contacts using Address Book button.

number formats :

domestic :

1 followed by 10 digit phone number : 1xxxxxxxxxx

international :

011 followed by country code followed by phone number : 011YYYxxxxxxxxxx

How it works:

1 .On your android phone Enter username , password, number to call and press "Initiate Call".
2. App takes a few moments to setup the call.
3. The app then dials your vonage number using your cell phone network. Vonage home phone will ring for a second (dont pick up).
4. The call will then be automatically forwarded to your destination number and you can talk from your cell phone.
5. repeat .
6. If the app is unable to cancel forwarding, you will see a message on the screen. You can click "Reset" to cancel forwarding manually.

Known Issues :

1. The App does not work for versions of Android prior to 1.6. Working on a fix for this. - Resolved
2. Some times even after the call is complete, calling vonage number redirects call to previously dialled number - Resolved Also added "Reset" button to force cancel forwarding.
3. If you have more than one phone on your vonage account. The app picks one by default. There is no option to pick one number to use - Working on fix.
4. The app cancels existing forwarding or Simulring settings when making a call. - Working on a fix

Important Notes:

Cell phone minutes will be charged.

Not all destination countries are free to call. Please refer Vonage for the list.

After call is connected, the app tries to cancel forwarding. App needs data connection to be available for this operation. In case data network is not available (like if you are on an EDGE network , or you move to an area with no 3G or wifi network) the app is unable to cancel forwarding. You will have to come back to the app screen and click "Reset" in this case.

You have to be in the US to make use of this app. Not tested from overseas. Not responsible for the charges.

Disclaimer :

The app is provided as is . This app is merely meant as a way to ease dialing from a phone. Not affiliated to Vonage. Use at your own risk. Developer not responsible for cellphone charges or Vonage charges resulting from use of the app.